The Research Process The Research Process
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The Research Process
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The research process

The Research Process is just one of a number of frameworks that can help you with your research.
Some other frameworks have been provided in the Links section but this 6-stage process is one that gives you a simple plan to follow for your research.

  • Defining the task

  • Locating the resources you need to answer your research questions.

  • Selecting from those resources the relevant information you need.

  • Organising the information into a logical sequence and format.

  • Presenting the information to your audience.

  • Evaluating your work to see how well you did.

If you would like a copy of the Research Safari which gives you a step-by-step process for effective research then join Studyvibe.

While it may seem simple there are many skills needed for each of these steps and you will need to practice the process many times to become competent in doing great research. Have a look at the Slideshare to get details of each of the steps of the process.


Also have a look at the Mindmap below that has been developed in SpicyNodes to help you examine the different stages of the Research Process.            


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