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Do you know how to reference the resources you use in a research project?

When you do any kind of research you will be getting information from a lot of different places. As well as Internet sites you may use, books, magazines, videos, interviews, newspapers etc. The task you are given and the kind of information you require will determine which resources you use.

It is very important to record the places that you get your information in a bibliography or reference list. In fact you should start making your reference list at the start of your project and record every source of information you use.

Even if you only get a couple of ideas and don’t quote anything you still need to acknowledge the source of information.

Getting the rules right

There are different referencing standards and each has different rules. You need to find out what reference standard your school uses. (It could be Harvard, APA or some other).

To help you learn how to reference properly we have provided links to useful websites that give you the rules you need. There are even some cool sites that generate the reference for you – all you need to do is put details of title, author, etc in the right place and it will create an accurate record for you.

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