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Mindmaps are very powerful pictorial (visual) representations of how your brain connects ideas, concepts and information.

Mindmaps can be used for many different things:

  • To brainstorm ideas about a topic and record them pictorially;

  • To record your notes as you are doing research; and

  • To plan, problem-solve or generate new ideas and so much more.

You can generate your own mindmaps (either on paper or using a Web 2.0 tool or App) or you can use mindmaps that have already been created to stimulate your thinking.

The mindmap you see above has been created on a website called IQ Matrix. They have some great free resources including:

The Pillars of Success ( a downloadable eBook)

Developing Smart Study Habits Blog

25+ free Mindmaps

Mindmap desk wallpaper (Put your choice of mindmap on your computer screen as wallpaper or a screen saver).

If you would like to become a master at using Mindmaps then you might be interested in the IQ Matrix Academic Genius Bundle Pack.

You can also check out the Resource Links to find websites, Web 2.0 Tools and iPad Apps all related to Mindmapping.


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