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 Using Graphic Organisers to plan for effective research

In the Toolbox there are many graphic organiser websites that will give you a range of templates that you can use.  Before you examine them, however, you need to ask yourself these questions?
Why would I use a graphic organiser in the first place?
How do I know which is the best organiser to use?
When do I use the organiser? Is it for planning, notemaking or is it part of the final product? 
How will it improve my understanding of the topic by using this graphic organiser?

As the title suggests a graphic organiser is a pictorial representation of thoughts and ideas. For visual learners this is particularly useful in helping them make sense of information. It helps you to organise information in a particular way so you make make a range of associations between different thoughts and ideas.  
You can have the same pieces of information but by placing it on two or three different organisers you will make different associations between the information.
For example:

  • A Timeline encourages you to think about the development of ideas, events etc over a period of time.

  • A Venn Diagram is used to compare and contrast two or more things to identify similarities and differences.

  • A Matrix allows you to compae several things against a set of criteria.

  • A Flow Chart encourages you to look at systems and sequence.

  • A Fishbone Chart encourages you to breakdown a topic into categories and subcategories (The Animal Kingdom is a good example of this).

You can find some great graphic organiser templates at the following websites:

Free Graphic Organisers

Education Place: Graphic Organisers


Write Design Online: Graphic Organisers

Enchanted Learning Graphic Organisers

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