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Creative thinking templates

Graphic Organisers  
These websites provide a range of graphic organisers that can help you scaffold information when you are planning, recording and presenting your information for assignments.

Free Graphic Organisers

Education Place: Graphic Organisers


Write Design Online: Graphic Organisers

Enchanted Learning Graphic Organisers

Graphic Organisers

Thinking Organisers
There are many different frameworks that have been developed to help you to stretch your thinking when exploring topics. Have a look at these...

Bloom’s Taxonomy Templates
These templates helps you develop your conceptual understanding of a topic of research (that means how you think about the topic).

Thinkers Keys

Want to use a different approach to exploring a topic or subject?  Well the Thinkers Keys are a simple strategy that does just that. There are 20 keys in all that will encourage you see something in ways you never thought of!!

Questioning Frameworks
Questioning Frameworks help you to develop effective questions for your research assignments.

The Question Matrix
This grid provides a range of question starters that will help you develop your focus questions for your research.

The Five W's Chart   
This template sets out five basic questions to get your research started. 

Mind Mapping Tools
While graphic organisers are structured in the way you organise your information, mind mapping programs allow you to record your thinking as you create new ideas and make connections between these ideas. It is like a graphic representation of your thinking. You can find out more about mind mapping here.

This is a very simple mind mapping tool that allows you to co-create with your friends.
A very simple mind mapping tool.

Allows you to create mind maps, flow charts and other graphic representations of your thinking.

Another free mindmapping tool.

Yet another one to try!

18 Free Mindmapping Tools for Teachers and Students  
Here is a list of mindmapping tools that are useful for both teachers and students.

99 Mind Mapping Resources, Tools and Tips 
An extensive list of Web 2.0 Tools that let you create mind maps.

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